Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60: How to Get Cheaper Rates!

Finding affordable life insurance for seniors over 60 is never easy, but there are several ways you can get cheaper rates:

term-life-insurance-over-651)     Do not delay too much. If you postpone the purchase date for the next year, and then, you reschedule it, you will only be doing harm to yourself.  Companies do not accept that easily old people as clients.  You will have more chances of getting insurance when you are 60 years old than when you are 65 years old. Companies have strict rules and one of them is not to provide insurance for persons above a certain age.  Plus, if you are accepted, you will have to pay more. Come as soon as possible if you want to pay less for premiums.

2)     Improve your medical condition. Health is a decisive criterion of selection.  If you can improve your physical shape before you apply, do it. Do some physical exercises, some jogging or consult a therapist or a medic. You will get better rates if you are healthier.

3)     Quit smoking.  Being old and an active smoker is really not a great combination.  Companies view smoking as a chronic disease, due to its numerous adverse effects, especially lung cancer.  Quit smoking for at least a year before applying for life insurance. You will get better rates.

4)     Quit drinking too much. Alcoholism is another bad habit that is viewed as a chronic disease. Companies will tell you what medical tests to take and one of these tests verifies if your liver is affected by heavy drinking.

5)     Quit your dangerous hobbies. Practicing scuba diving or mountain climbing at your age is considered extremely dangerous and insurers will not issue a policy for any person that has dangerous hobbies.

6)     Talk with an insurance agent. Sometimes it is better to ask for help. Insurance brokers are the right people to contact and discuss more about getting a life insurance.

You can also visit websites that offer free senior life insurance quotes. Click here to visit!