How to stay in shape – the benefits of physical exercises!

We all know that exercises are good for us, but not many people realize how effective they are in combating aging.  Physical exercises can reduce the risk of major diseases. It will prolong our life and make us happy. It is not imperative to run a marathon or go to the gym very often, but a little physical exercise can give amazing results.

Researchers now know that many diseases and fragility are caused
by the lack of exercise and sedentarism rather than aging. Women who remain physically active after the age of 50 are in better shape and live longer than inactive women 20 years younger. In the United States, a long-term study regarding mortality in men showed that maintaining a good shape at middle age reduces the risk of death by 23% over the next two decades.

Physical exercises are not only an investment for people’s future but will also make them feel younger and more energetic. Aerobic exercises, i.e., those which accelerate the heart rate, strength training exercises that involve heavy lifting or push-ups and stretching can thus dramatically improve the ability to do everyday tasks with great ease and helps against many diseases.

The benefits of exercise will increase your energy and will allow you to sleep longer. Almost any physical activity that is done consistently can strengthen the heart and keep the arteries lithe, reducing the risk of heart disease. All these regular aerobic exercise can increase the lung capacity, compensating the decrease of 1% per year after the age of 25. According to one study, over 80% of people that had a mild to moderate depression and used weight three or four times per week had no symptoms after a few weeks. Thus, exercises can cure depression too! Also, if people would do exercise regularly they might have a good chance to reduce the risk of lung, prostate, breast, uterus and intestines cancer.                                                                           

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